Rules and Guidelines for Buying Art.

If you are interested in buying art during the convention (and we certainly hope you are!), here is the information you should know:

  1. Bidder numbers are required to do all of the following: to write a bid on a Bid Sheet or if you want to buy art at the Quick Sale price and pick it up at a later time. These numbers are available at the Art Show Staff table. This will act as your personal ID number. Remember -- your badge number IS NOT your bidder number.

  2. Bidding Hours of the Silent Auction: From noon on Friday to 6:00pm Saturday night you can write bids on the bid sheets attached to art pieces in the art gallery. This time is known as the Silent Auction. The last name on the Bid Sheet at 6:00 pm on Saturday wins the bid.

  3. Written Bidding: All art eligible for sale in the auction will have a Bid Sheet attached that does not state "NFS" (Not For Sale.) Included on this sheet is the following:
    • The Minimum Bid: The lowest bid the artist will accept in the Silent Auction.
    • Quick Sale: A buyer can purchase a piece of art, Friday through Saturday, at this price as long as there are no previous bids on the piece. If a piece receives no bids during the Silent Auction, then on Sunday you can buy the piece at this price.

  4. When you bid on an item PRINT your name, bidder number and bid on the first space available on that piece's bid sheet. Any bids which are illegible, have no bidder number, are not in whole dollar amounts, or are lower than the minimum bid set by the artist will be considered INVALID. If you should spot any of these abnormalities, please contact an Art Show staff member immediately.

  5. Along those same lines, you may NOT cross off any bid that you have placed without the permission of an Art Show staff member. Art Show staff are the only ones authorized to remove a bid! No exceptions!

  6. The person with the highest bid is obligated to buy the piece at that price.

  7. Please DO NOT BID IF YOU DO NOT INTEND TO HONOR YOUR BID! Your written bid is the same as a contract agreeing to buy that item at that price.

  8. You may claim purchased art anytime during the show, but all purchases must be claimed by 4PM on Sunday. (This uncollected art is "abandoned art.") If Necronomicon mails any abandoned art, the buyer is responsible for insuring and paying for this mailing.

  9. Print shop items are priced as marked and may be purchased anytime.

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