Below is a list of departments and the contacts for each. If you have a specific question regarding that department that is not covered on this website, then feel free to email the Department Head. Remember to put a Subject line that is appropriate. Blank subjects may be deleted as spam.

Department Contactemail address
Art ShowDeni
Charity AuctionsDebra
Con Suite & Ygor PartyWayne
Convention T-shirtMark
Dealer's RoomDavid
Gaming: Board & RPGDean & Heather
Gaming: LARPJack & Marna Faber
Gaming: NetworkedMark
Guidebook Phone AppTeri
Guest relationsAnn
Hotel LiaisonDebra
Music & SoundMichael Lo
Panel SchedulingAnn Morris
Program BookMark Jones &
Kent Akselsen
Program Book AdvertisingMark
Trivia ContestPerry Bruns,
Mark Jones,
Dean Dryer
Corwin Zahn

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