Creature Feature Competition

Film Festival at Necronomicon

What is the Creature Feature Competition?

Filmmakers will be assigned a random creature and genre during the kick-off event and will have two weeks to make a 5-8 minute film.

Frankenstein. Nosferatu. The Toxic Crusader. The Creature from the Black Lagoon. Legendary creatures which have sparked the imaginations of audiences for all cinematic history.

And now it's your turn. Make a monster film. Present it at a fan convention. And 100% of profits go to charity, making the registration fee a charitable contribution for tax purposes.

The Creature Feature Film Competition, in association with Tampa Bay's long-running Necronomicon convention, is a chance for you to bring a cinematic creature to life. Grab your crew, pack your monster make-up and make a 5-8-minute movie in two weeks starting at the end of September. It's open to filmmakers at any level, so if this is your first film of your 40th, you're welcome to join! And although the films will be shown in Tampa, anyone from anywhere in the world can participate. Whether you're in Seattle or Senegal, St. Petersburg, Florida or St. Petersburg, Russia, we encourage you to join.

Why would I do this? What's in it for me?

So, it all goes to charity?

Our time is 100% donated, so all profits go directly to charity, not to our pockets.

So, do it for the kids! Do it for the puppies! Do it for the awards! Or do it because you want to make a movie about a creature that will be seen and enjoyed by tens of people and maybe even some puppies.

And in case you're wondering, you keep the rights to your film. None of this "we own it, sign away your rights to us" stuff other competitions use. Of course, there is more to that, so be sure to read the small print when you have a chance, but we're filmmakers too, and we work to be fair. That's it! Don't wait! Sign up now!

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Let us know if you have any questions!

Awards & Prizes

Separate awards are given based on the three categories.

Awards for General Registration: Filmmakers in the Novice category will have the opportunity to win awards for Best Film and Best Script.

Filmmakers in the Student category will have the opportunity to win an award for Best Film only.

For a full list of rules and how to submit entries; go to the Film Festival Rules page.

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