In 1994, Necronomicon brought in 4 computers for an afternoon and had a DOOM II tournament. There was a long hiatus until 2000 when we set up a LAN with 8 PCs and ran Unreal Tournament all weekend. This was such a Phenomenal success that we've done it each year since.

Once again, the Network Gaming is being sponsored and run by James Eischen and Alex Hernandez, those fine fraggers at SEADS . They provide the great equipment and the hard work need to keep your adrenaline pumping. Show your appreciation by bringing them a nice Jolt cola.

You can expect the standard Unreal Tournament, StarWars Battlefront and several others. Our LAN is internal, so that you will be in the same room with the players you FRAG. This keeps the response time to a max without the Internet lag.

James has set up some webpages on his site for more details. The link below was for last year, but it will connect to his site.

Go to his Necro Lan page for general information and also info on his business, that hosts LAN parties.


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