Guests of Honor:
Shanna Swendson
(To Be Announced)

Other Guests
will be listed when
they are confirmed.

David Berger
Richard Lee Byers
Kevin Coryell
Sarah Jo Coryell
Monique Desir
Tanja Diederich
Lucienne Diver
Brian Downes
Daisy Farnum
Alea Figueroa
Glenda C. Finkelstein
Hal Greenberg
Crystal Guillory
Chris Harben
William Hatfield
Kat Heckenbach
MCA Hogarth
Elle E. Ire
Joe Iriarte
Aria Kane
Pamela Labud
Will Ludwigsen
Craig MacDougal
Thomas Macheski
Jeff Mitchell
Kendall F. Morris
Kendall D.W. Morris
K.L. Napier
Dr. Charles Paxton
Will Phillips
G.W. Pomichter
Brendan Jackson Rogers
E. Rose Sabin
Juan Sanmiguel
Ken Shannon
Andrew F. Smith
Brandy Stark
Rick Wilber
Ed Wysocki
and Timothy Zahn

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