Directions to The Hoffman Family Farm
2820 Hartley Ln
Lithia Fl 33547
813- -
Email Maria Hoffmann at

The Hoffmann farm is in SouthEast Hillsbrough County. First start by heading toward Brandon by the route of your choice, depending on where you are coming from. If you are coming down I-75, you will want to head East on Highway 60. (also called Brandon Blvd or Adamo Drive)
Once on Highway 60, you will be going East.
Keep Going. Go some more.
You'll be traveling about 10 miles East of Parsons, in the main part of Brandon.
You'll be looking for CR 39, which will have a light at it. Turn South on CR 39.
On CR 39, you will travel South about 3 1/2 miles. When you see Keysville Road, turn East. Go about 3 miles and look for a place where the road becomes and/or connects to Nichols Road. Turn left (East).
You will be on Nichols road for about a mile and and half till you get to Pritcher Road. This will be on your left side, and you will turn North onto it.
Pritcher road will go about a half mile before you get to Hartley Lane. It is on the left, and you will turn there. (West)
A short distance down, you will find the house at 2820. There is a lot of parking room available.

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