Directions to the Meeting at
Oz & Ruth's Home

3424 Parrish Ridge Lane
Valrico Fl 33594

Their home is east of Brandon. Head to I-75 by whichever ways is appropriate to you. Head south on I-75 until you get to the Brandon (highway 60) exit. Head east on Highway 60. (also called Brandon Blvd.)

(Follow the red line on the map. The dotted line is an alternate route.)
Head east on Highway 60 for about 3-4 miles. After you pass Parsons Ave, start watching for a street called Lithia Pinecrest on the right (south) side of the road. It will lead off at a strange angle to the SouthEast. Take that road. (Alternate: Turn South on either Kings Way or Parsons. They are easier to spot then Lithia-Pinecrest, but not as short.
Whichever road you chose to turn south on, continue until you get to a major road called Bloomingdale. When you reach it, turn East. Continue until you go past Lithia-Pinecrest. About a half mile past Litha-Pinecrest, look for a small road called Pittswood.
Turn right (south) on Pittswood. Continue a block till you get to Stearns. Turn left (east) on this one-lane road and watch for oncoming traffic! The next road on your left will be Parish Ridge. Turn left and go to the end of the dirt road. The house is the 2 story mansion last on the right. Drive between the pine trees and park along the fence.

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