For The Masquerade
Saturday, October 23, 20176

Registration Deadline = 5PM!
Contestant Lineup= 7pm
Audience Seating= 7pm
(Seating is limited)
Masquerade Starts= 8pm
Quick Links to Masquerade forms
Masquerade Entry Form in Word
Masquerade Entry Form in PDF
Masquerade Sound Form in Word
Masquerade Sound Form in PDF

Masquerade (Costume Contest) Registration:

Forms will be available at convention registration until 4:45 p.m. Saturday of the convention. The deadline to turn in forms is 5 p.m. If you think you cannot be there to turn in a form, please download the form available on this page and email it to Ann Morris.

If you miss the deadline to turn in the registration form, you may show your costume but not be considered for a prize.

The reasons for this rule are many. We have a lot of people working on the contest who need your information ahead of time so that you can be presented well to the audience. Latecomers present multiple problems for us.

Our sound guys do their best to find appropriate music for those who do not have any and they make sure they have the right recording for the right contestant for those who provide CDs or MP3s.

The M.C. needs time to go over forms to check for pronunciation of names and to make note of any special presentation elements such as when to say or not to say something about the costumer. We also need time to put contestants in an order that will show them in the best light. We don't want five Darth Vaders to go on one after the other. Please help us by preparing your entry form in time to turn it in by the 5 p.m. Saturday deadline.

Planning for your presentation:
When planning your stage presentation, bear in mind that there will be no microphones available for you on stage. If your costume requires a spoken element other than what the M.C. will read for you, you need to record it as an MP3 (we cannot use tapes or CDs)) to be played during your time on stage. The room is way too large for the entire audience to hear you speaking on stage.

Line up time is 7 p.m. The room will be announced later. Entrants in the children's portion of the masquerade do not have to be present until 7:45 but I do need someone representing each entrant to come at 7 so we can go over the introduction for the entrant.

You will be assigned a number for your appearance during the line-up hour as well as be given instructions about the path to the stage and where you will be seated after presenting your costume.

If you would like to costume to our theme, get working on a Time Travel outfit startind last week. Prize Structure for the Masquerade:
All young costumers (those under 13) will receive a participation award.

Costumers entering the adult portion of the contest will compete for a first, second and third prize. These will be awarded to individual contestants.

Groups of 2 or more people are eligible for the best group award which will be in the form of ribbons. Individuals within groups will be eligible for the first, second and third prizes.

Masquerade Rules 1.Weapons are allowed for this event as long as they are not used in any way that poses a threat to the safety of others or yourself. Stage combat needs to be cleared with the Masquerade staff before the Masquerade or you may be disqualified for an award.

2. Costumes and presentations must be suitable for viewing by all ages and must not violate city of Tampa or Hillsborough County decency laws. This is pretty much the "No costume is NO COSTUME" rule. I am not unreasonable on this issue. If all your "naughty bits" are covered, I'm not going to disqualify you. If you are in doubt about something, write to me at

3. Presentations should be no longer than three minutes. This is a costume contest rather than a talent show. Also, remember that if you have a presentation other than modeling your outfit, funny is more likely to get you a prize than serious is. Keep in mind that you will have to record the spoken parts of your presentation.

Stage time seems much longer than real time. Keep it short and sweet and you'll make 'em smile. Make it long and ponderous and the audience will be groaning.

4. The entry form must be filled out and turned in by 5 p.m. Saturday and it must be legible or we will guess and you might be announced as Freddy Wigglebottom. PLEASE PRINT NEATLY!!!

5. MP3s to be played must be turned in with your form. Please be sure to clearly label your memory stick with your name and costume title. You will be able to retrieve your memory stick from the sound crew after the masquerade.

SPECIAL NOTE: If you do not give us a costume contest entry form by 5 p.m. Saturday, you may still show your costume on stage but you will not be eligible for a prize.

Also, if your costume was purchased as a package costume from a professional costume supplier, you may show it but you will not be eligible for a prize. We may not catch all of these but we do have an expert on the judging panel who knows most of them.

Your costume may consist of all bought parts that you have put together in your own unique way. That's fine. We know that not everyone can sew or build suits of armor. Just buy the bits and pieces and make your personal statement and show it off at our costume contest.

Hall costume awards will be given out during the day Saturday.

Ann Morris

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