Trivia Contest

So you think you're smarter than everyone else, huh? Well, you don't have to be -- you just have to have more useless knowledge than your opponents. Also you don't have to carry the load all by yourself. You can compete alongside three other know-it-alls, in a team of four! Sign up at Registration to compete in the Trivia Contest. Below are the details:

First, sign up!
Sign up is limted to 24 players, with 4 alternates. The Trivia Contest is played in Teams of up to 4 people and up to 6 teams. Teams will be determined randomly once all the players have arrived by drawing a colored block from a bag. Thus, there is no stacking the teams with Brainaics.

When & where?
The contest will take place in the Audubon D-E room at 2:00 PM on Saturday. Please be on time, or your place will be given to an alternate.

How to play the game:
Here's how it works. At the front of the room is a six person lockout buzzer system. There is also a board with category titles. Each category has two questions in it. Each team sends a representative up, and those people hit their buzzers to get the toss-up question (i.e., What color is Green Lantern's ring?). If they get it right, they get 1 point. If it's wrong, the others can buzz in to get it. The team that gets the toss-up question gets asked another tougher question (i.e., Name the alien that gave the ring to Hal Jordan). If they get that right, they get 3 points. There is no penalty for a wrong answer, but then the other teams get to buzz in to try for the answer and earn 2 points. When all the questions are gone, the one with the most points wins. Questions will cover Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror and even reality. Expect them to come from a varity of TV, Movies, Books, Comics, Music (as in name that theme music) and anything else we think can be rationalized into the concept.

Prizes, did you say prizes?
That's right, prizes. The winning team will receive "Dealer Bucks." That's convention money that is redeemable in the Dealers Room or at Registration. (Not for real cash, but for a T-shirt or membership to next year's convention.) The winning team can split the take any way they'd like.

Here are some sample questions that have been used in previous years.
(Yeah, I haven't changed this in a couple of years. I'll do some new one's soon. Really. Don't laugh. I'll get to it. Sigh. grumble.norespect.grumble)
Category Title
Toss up Question
Followup question
Swipe box to see answer
…But His Face Rings A Bell
This Spiderman 2 star had a small part in a 1981 blockbuster. Name the star and the 1981 movie? Alfred Molina & Raider's of the Lost Ark
Name the well known actor that played Dracula in the Kid's show, The Electric Company Morgan Freeman
Mordor, She Wrote
Angela Lansbury played "Granny" in this 1984 horror movie. A Company of Wolves
J.R.R.Tolkien translated this Old English Authorian Legend. Gawain & the Green Knight
Oh, Go Take A Long Walk Off A Short Piers.
What was Piers Anthony series with the hero Hope Hubris? Bio of a Space Tyrant
Piers Anthony created what character, inspired by his correspance with a handicapped girl. Jenny Elf
Robots of Yawn
Name the actor that portrayed the robot Andrew Martin. Robin Williams
Name the actors that portrayed the robots Val and Aqua? Andy Kaufman & Bernadet Peters in Heartbeeps
No Jared Commercials? What Kind Of Franchise is this?
Alan Dean Foster, Brian Daley and Tim Zahn have all written in this Franchise. Star Wars
Richard Lee Byers, Christopher Golden, Adam Troy Castro, Diane Duane all wrote novels based on this Franchise? The X-Men
After The Disaster, NASA's Reply Was "No Comet"
Name to comet that collided with Jupiter in 1996? Shoemaker-Levy 9
The NASA space probe NEAR, ending it's mission by lightly kissing this astoroid. Eros
He Couldn't Forecast A Hurricane In Florida
Phil Conners was a weatherman in this oft repeated movie. Groundhog day
Name the Superhero team led by Henry Bendix, The Weatherman? Stormwatch
Now By Popular Request, Something From Aria 51
Name this TV show from it's theme music. Click this to here an MP3, 10 seconds long, 163kb. UFO (Gary Anderson)
Name this Movie from it's theme music. Click this to here an MP3, 21 seconds long, 336kb. Killer Klowns from Outer Space
Final Question: Music Medely
This is 6 clips of music from Movies & TV. Identify all from this 14 second MP3 file (225kb)
All teams play, to earn 5 points.
The Prisoner, Heavy Metal, Kolchak: The Night Stalker, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Buckaroo Banzi, Attack of the Killer Tomatos

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