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Program Book

The Necronomicon 2018 Program book will have a print run of about 700 copies. We set a limit on members and also give books to the staff, guests, and dealers. If you are interested in advertising in the program book, then here is what you need to know.

To the right is the cover for the 2016 Program book. When we have the Art for 2018, it will be posted here

There are four prices depending on what and where.
$90 Full Page
$50 Half Page
$125 Inside front
$125 Inside back cover
$150 Outside back cover
(Obviously, there are only two inside covers and one outside back cover.)
When the cover pages are sold, it will be noted here.

Our program book is made up of a standard piece of paper in landscape position, folded in half. Thus, a full page is 5 ½” by 8 1/2”. As the figure to the right shows, you will need to leave a Ό” margin around your ad. So the actual printed material of your add should not exceed 8” by 5”. The half page add should not exceed 5” by 4”.

Our program book is assembled in Pagemaker. Using this we can accept electronic submissions in the form of .pdf, .jpg, .gif, and .tif files as standard. Check with us if you are using some other format. If you are not going to send it electronically, then send a camera ready copy to the address below.

The sooner the better. We will be working on the program book in September & October. Absolute, final, deadline will be October 1st, 2017. If you agree to placing an ad, we’ll start bugging you to get it to us as the deadline gets closer.

For questions, or to place an advertisement, please contact Mark Jones at jomark@stonehill.org. If you are going to be mailing an ad, send it to the Stone Hill P.O. Box address:
  Mark Jones
  5902 Thonotosassa Rd
  Plant City, FL 33565-5714

You can pay by check, money order or PayPal. Payment will be expected at the time you place your ad unless other arrangements have been made with the staff. Please make your check payable to either: Necronomicon or Stone Hill SF Association. It can be mailed to:
  5902 Thonotosassa Rd
  Plant City, FL 33565-5714

PayPal payment can be made using the code NECRONOMICON,INC. That must be all caps, no space and include the period at the end.
Please place a comment with it, such as: "Program book; full page ad".
Tips and Hints
If you are creating your ad in some electronic form here are a couple of suggestions.

Reserved Advertisers
Inside Front Cover:
Inside Back Cover:
Outside Back Cover:

Inside Pages so far:
Oasis 2017 SF Convention(full page)

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