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All our tables Sold Out!
If you would like to be added to the wait list, please e-mail Debra Hicks at dealersroom@stonehill.org Please do not send payments until you have heard from Debbie regarding your potential table.

New Rules for Necronomicon's Dealers Room

Welcome dealers! Please read all of the following before submitting an application.

Dealer's table are going fast. Only a few left. You can also be put on a waiting list by emailing Debra Hicks at: dealersroom@stonehill.org

Pricing for 2018:
o $90 interior table, no electricity, no wall
o $100 wall table with electricity
o Special corner unit sale: $155 for two, no electricity. $175 for two, with electricity.

You are purchasing a 6 x 6 area. You can bring your own tables / display or a table can be provided. Your setup, display must fit into the area you are purchasing. Your display must fit through a normal double door. Your display should not block access to your neighbors' tables either visually or physically.

Tables provided this year will be made up of two 1.5'x6' tables pressed together and covered.

Special corner unit sale you are purchasing a 9x6 area but this is for two tables.

Each requested table will have (1) one chair provided - please let me know if you need more (max of 2/table).

The purchase of a table includes one (1) membership; you must indicate the name of the person claiming the main membership. Extra "helper" memberships may be purchased at the pre-registration rate of $35. Before the start of the convention you are encouraged to provide the helper names so they can pick up their memberships at reg. You are limited to one extra badge per table.

Procedure(s) for 2018:

Applications will be accepted beginning February 1, 2018. Send your application to Deb Hicks at dealersroom@stonehill.org. Applications must be received electronically - no snail mail.

Applications will be reviewed as they come in. Applications will be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis with an eye toward vendor diversity to ensure the best market for our vendors; if we have too many of a certain type of dealer apply initially, applicants will be placed on a waiting list.

Acceptance letters will be sent out as soon as the apps are reviewed.

If you are accepted as a dealer, you have 30 days to pay for your table. The acceptance email will include pay-by-date. Tables not paid for in that time will be released to the list.

All payments for tables and memberships must be done through Paypal. No checks.

Please be aware that in the final weeks before the convention your due date will be less than 30 days.

Helper badge(s) must be paid for when you send payment for the table(s). We don't need the names then but it is helpful if you supply them early.

You will be reserving by table types - interior or wall with electric or without, rather than table number. The exception is the special corner units, in which case you can pick your table. These are designated by letters rather than number.

You may request up to two (2) tables/spaces initially. A corner unit is two tables.

Do not send any money until you receive an email acceptance. Monies will be returned.

No refunds will be given after August 10, 2018. Prior to August 10, 2018, a partial refund, 50% of what was paid, may be requested.

The dealer's room will open for dealer set-up beginning at 9:00am on Friday. There is no setup allowed on Thursday. Each table will have a card with the name of the vendor assigned to that space.

You pick up your badges, both main and helper, at general registration.

Prior to the convention a list of confirmed dealers and their websites will be posted on the NecronomiCon website. If at any time you have question.

Dealer's Room Hours & Set-Up:
Dealer's Room Hours of Business:
Friday: 12:00 pm - 7:00 pm (open for dealer set-up at 9:00)
Saturday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm (open for dealers at 9:30)
Sunday: 10:00 am - 3:00 pm (open for dealers at 9:30)

Thanks for read all of this. Here is the link to the application. Right click and chose "Save As" to download the form.
NecronomiCon Dealer Application 2018.docx
form fillable PDF version coming soon!

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