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New Rules for Necronomicon's Dealers Room

In 2016, Colleen Hillyard will be the Dealer Room Administrator.

You can reach Colleen at: dealersroom@stonehill.org

Welcome to the homepage for the Necronomicon Dealer's Room! This year, we will are still at the Grand Hyatt on the Causway in Tampa.

If you would like to know who will be setting up shop in the dealer's room this year, there is a list of names and websites available on our new Dealer's Layout page.

General Info:
Our dealer's room will be located Ballroom A in the new hotel. Our vendors span the realm of print, multimedia, textiles, clothing, costuming, weaponry, gaming, collectibles, and much, much more.

Room Specs:
Offering nearly 4000 square feet of space and electrical access along three walls, our dealer's room will be set up for booth space along the walls and in an open square along the center of the room. This provides ample walk-way space for our patrons, as well as optimizing the display area.

Dealer Info:
Starting in March 2016, we will begin taking applications for the 2016 convention to be held at the Grand Hyatt. All of the specifics and the application are on this Word or PDF document.
NecronomiCon Dealer Application 2016.doc
NecronomiCon Dealer Application 2016.pdf

Pricing for 2016 will be:

Procedure(s) for 2016 will be:

Dealer's Room Hours:
Friday: 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm (open for dealer set-up at 9:00)
Saturday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm (open for dealer's at 9:30)
Sunday: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm (open for dealers at 9:30)

The dealer's room will open for dealer set-up beginning at 9:00 am on Friday; each table will have a card with the name of the vendor assigned to that space. Loading / unloading directions will be posted on the website by September 1, 2016.

You may pick up your badges, both main and helper, at registration. Three weeks prior to the convention I will send out a list of names confirmed for 1) badges associated with tables, 2) helper badges that have already been purchased, and 3) helper badges that are to be purchased at the door. At that time, you will need to confirm your name(s) are present, and let me know if there are any additions to the "purchasing at door" helpers.

Thanks very much! I hope it will be a profitable year for our Dealers and an enjoyable one for our Members!

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