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All our tables are currently filled.

Dealer Room Layout & Links

Below is a layout map of the Dealer's Room at Necronomicon 2017. To the right are confirmed Dealers who will be there and links to their websites. We no longer note what tables they are assigned to. Tables in blue are unsold, and tables in green are sold.

Table without electric - $90
Wall Table without electric $95 Wall Table with electric - $100
Corner unit (2 tables) without electric - $155
Tables A, E, F, H, I
Corner unit(2 tables) with electric -$175
Tables B, C, D, J, K, L, M (noted by the letters on the map)
Currently, we are taking applications for the 2017 convention to be held at the Holiday Inn Tampa Airport/Westshore. All of the specifics and the application are on this Word or PDF document.
NecronomiCon Dealer Application.pdf

Confirmed Dealers
as of 12-8-17

For further information, please contact:

David Bennet dealersroom@stonehill.org

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