Necronomicon is proud to present a wide variety of gaming every year. Our Gaming department is divided up into three areas. The links below will take you to the webpages maintained by the Heads of each area.

If your interest lies in the areas of Role Playing Games, Board and Miniature games, and Collectable Card Games, then please visit the Necronomicon Gaming pages for all the information on playing and running games. Special thanks go to Rob Ritchie and Chris Thesing for the great great program work on those pages!

The Gaming Department now has a Twitter feed. Follow us on Twitter at @NecroGaming. There is also one for the convention in general at: @Necronomicon_FL. Or if you like, you can check out the Necro Gaming Facebook page which includes general info too.

If sitting at a table and rolling dice is not how you want to play your character, than you'll want to visit the NecroLARP pages for Live Action Role Playing (LARP for short). These are being run by the able team of Jack & Marna Faber.

If you would like to see what we are doing for Computer LAN gaming, visit the page for Netronomicon

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