Schedules, Panels & Events

Each of these links will lead you to the deep, dark details of Necronomicon. Along it you will find out the When, Where, What and Who (no, not Doctor Who.) of our programming.

Special Note: There are new rules for getting a table in the Dealers Room. Go to this new Dealers Room page for details!


Here you will discover the hours for major portions of the convention. Registration, Art Show, Dealers Rooms, Con Suite and more are listed on this page in table form. Details of some items are linked to a description on other pages.


We expect to have over 50 different panels throughout the course of the weekend. The current list is a rough draft as we finalize the Panelists. Check here for updates as the convention approches and you will find the listing of the time, place, title, description and the panelists.


As the convention unfolds in its grand chaos, there are several events that stand out in stature. The Events page will enlighten you about the grandiose Masquerade, the enigmatic Ygor party, the sumptuous Ice Cream Social and other outre outings.

This is a YouTube Video that was shot in 2006 at the 25th Anniversary. I thought you might like this.

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