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Welcome to the home page for the Necronomicon Art Show! We are celebrating our 35nd year. This year, we will be at the Hyatt Grand on Rocky Point in Tampa over the weekend of October 28th-30th. The convention consistently draws hundreds of devoted art-buying fans from across the southeastern states and beyond. So whether you're an artist looking to sell, or an attendee looking to buy, you've come to the right place! Please take a moment and check out our features below.

Artist Information
***New Form for Price Sheet added to this page***

Buyer information page.

If you would like to know who will be presenting work at Necronomicon, there is now a page with our artists listed here, and links to their homepages. This is the Artist Links page.

General Info
Necronomicon's Art Show features works in many genres. From Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Astronomical, Comedy, Celtic, Anime and others you are sure to find that "perfect something." We also accept 3-D work so jewelry, sculpture, wall hangings, armor, wood carvings, etched glass, and pottery have all found a home here as well.
In order to streamline the work for our Staff, we are eliminating bidding this year. All Art will have a set sale price or be noted as Not For Sale. We hope to return to the standard process next year, when we have some experience under our belt.
The Art Show consists of the following:
The Art Gallery:This consists of 2,500 sq. ft. of space in which art work can be displayed. We have 6ft. tables available for 3-D work, as well as vertical panels for hanging space. There is a 10% commission charged on all artwork sold; the commission goes entirely to our charity.
The Print Shop: Located inside the Art Gallery, this area is used to display multiple copies of fixed Price Prints and 3-D works. There is a 10% commission charged on all artwork sold here and once again, the commission goes entirely to our charity.

Art Programming - Throughout the convention we offer various forms of art programming. Here attendees can join artists as they participate in panel discussions, demonstrations of their work, their inspiration, and their technique. Please check out the convention's Home Page in October for more scheduling and panel details.

Awards - Necronomicon offers ribbons for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in Color, B&W, 3D, and an award for Best in Show. Judging is done by the attendees and winners are announced during the Costume Contest on Saturday night.

Niggling Details - As with anything, there are some rules and "no-nos" for this area.

  1. No food, drink, smoking or cameras are allowed in the Art Show area.
  2. All packages, backpacks, large bags and cameras will need to be tagged and left at the security desk near the main entrance.
  3. All purchases are subject to Florida State Sales Tax to be paid by the purchaser.
  4. A notice to parents and guardians - it is our policy to allow artistic nudity in the pieces hung in the art show. If you have minors with you, we suggest you walk through the show first to see if there are any works you wish to steer young ones away from.

For further info please see either the Attendee or Artist contents below, or contact the Art Show Director, at artshow@stonehill.org. Please leave a message if no one is available. The mailing address is:

   Necronomicon Art Show
   Inquiries to: Art Show Group

Art Show Attendees
We would like to cordially invite you to be a part of this year's Necronomicon Art Show! To better familiarize yourself with what an art show is, here is a listing of what you can expect to find. Whether you're a first-time attendee, or an "old pro," there should be something here for you to discover..

Description of the Area:
The Art Gallery - The art gallery consists of all the hanging panels and 3-D display tables that an artist has purchased to display their work. Please don't feel rushed while viewing this area. Take the time to look at each piece. All artwork will have a Price Sheet attached to them with prices or Not For Sale notice. Buyer Numbers are obtained at the Art Show Staff table. You must have a Buyer Number in order to purchase. Please reference the Buyer Information page for full details.

The Print Shop - Incorporated into the gallery space is the print shop. This area features numerous limited edition prints and other items (note cards, mouse pads, pins, t-shirts, etc.) by participating artists that feature their works at a fixed-price. No bidding is required and everything is for immediate sale.

Hours - The Art Show is open for business on Friday: noon-7pm, Saturday: 9am-6pm, and Sunday 9am-4pm.

Awards - Since all judging is done by YOU, the public, we hope you'll take time during your visit to vote for your favorite pieces of art.

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