Art Show Rules & Info for Artists

To add in the efficency of the processing the Art Show, one of our members has written a program to keep track of Art, prices, and Sales. When you register for your space, you should download the Excel Spread Sheet listed below, fill in your information, and the information of all of the pieces you will be sending. These will be pulled into a database at the Con, so we can keep track of your Art, the Sales, and the Amount. Please save this file, and rename it with your name in the Name Goes Here part of the title. NEC_ARTIST_FORM_your_name_goes_here.xls

You can also download
individual PDF forms here:

Artist Info Letter & Rules
Artist Registration form In Excel
Artist Registration form In PDF
Artist Bid Sheet in PDF
Art Form In Excel
Art Form In PDF
(use this only if you can't
fill out the Excel page)
Listed below are the guidelines you should follow. Please read carefully, as this info has changed from previous years!

Registering and Reserving Your Space

Space for your Art
5' x 4' Panel (Height x Width)
4 - Panel Bay (limited quantity)
6' Table (..and 30" deep)
3' Table (1/2 of 6' Table)
Print Shop Space...
Cost to you
$  9.00

Should you have any questions or if I can be of further assistance, please feel free to contact us. Necronomicon Art Show
Inquiries to:

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