Email FAQ for Club Members

Here is everything you could ever ask about the Stone email
(or at least all I could think of in 15 minutes)

Q.   Can I get an email address at
A.   Yes, you can if you are a member of the club and show up often enough that we recognize you. We can have up to 250 email accounts and we are currently only using about 45.

Q.   How do I get one set up?
A.   Contact Mark Jones at and tell him your name, what email name you want, and what password to set it as. Also include if you want it to forwarded to another email account. (see next question)

Q.   I have an email account on AOL, but want to avoid the stigma associated with that address. I also donít want to have to look in two places for my email. What can I do?
A.   We can set a forwarding address so that any mail sent to you at will then go on to Just tell me what address to forward it to.

Q.   I donít want to forward my mail, how do I set up Netscape to send and receive mail?
A.   Depending on the version, go to VIEW> PREFERENCES> and find the MAIL settings. Set both INCOMING POP3 and OUTGOING (SMTP) to: Itís that easy.

Q.   I donít want to forward my mail, how do I set up Outlook to send and receive mail?
A.   Trickier, but possible. After outlook is installed, you will need go to CONTROL PANEL> MAIL & FAX> and set up an account. Click on ADD and pick ďInternet emailĒ. On the GENERAL tab, fill in Name, Org, Email address, and Reply address. On the SERVER tab, set both INCOMING POP3 and OUTGOING (SMTP) to: On the line for account name, put: and follow that with your password. (Now go back and erase joefan and put in your email name, you smartass). On the CONNECTION tab, pick the type of connection you are using. On the ADVANCED tab, donít touch that. (note: Different versions of Outlook may have variations in these settings.)

Q.   I donít want to forward my mail, how do I set up some other Email to send and receive mail?
A.   What am I, clairvoyant? How should I know? RTFM.

Q.   Can I retrieve my mail from a web browser from any computer in the world?
A.   But of course you can. Here's how:
Start your favorite flavor of browser.
Go to
(yes, this could be easier, but this is what we are stuck with for now)
You will be prompted for your Email Address and your Password. i.e.: and then fiawol (or you can use your username: jofan-sh )
Click on the link for MAIN mailbox and you you can read and send email from there. It also has links for passwords, options, and more.

Q.   I want to change my password or my forwarding address. How do I do that?
A.   Follow the same directions as given in the previous question. Email address (or username) and password. From there you can go to OPTIONS tab and change your password, user information, forwarding information and more.

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