Meeting Dates & Directions

Stone Hill is a non-profit organization and meeting space is provided by the generosity of members. We meet the second Sunday of every month (with a few exceptions) at the home of one of our members. (Often at the Plant City home of the "Lover's Lane Gang" on Thonotosassa Rd for our Blood drive with Florida Blood Services) The locations are known a couple of months in advance. Below you will find a table with the meeting dates and locations. Linked, you will find maps and directions to the indicated homes. Phone numbers are also provided. So, in case you get lost, you can call for help. Oh, yeah. The meetings usually start about 2pm. See you there.

Remember the Two Most Important Rules to be a Stone Hill Member!
1. Show Up.
2. Bring Food.*
Two other unwritten rules:
If you suggest something, YOU had better be willing to run it.
And if you get out of your chair; it's fair game for anyone.

(hmm, I guess they're not unwritten anymore.)

*it should be noted that "food" takes many forms. "Real" food is greatly apprecated. "Snack" food is good too. Please bring a drink of some type too (soda, tea, etc..)
When Where Notes
May 13th, 2018

go to map & directions
The Lovers Lane gang
5902 Thonotosassa Rd.
Plant City Fl 33565
Blood Mobile here!
Donations needed!
June 10, 2018

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Jack & Marna Faber
9807 Terrace Trail
Temple Terrace FL
In Temple Terrace Area.
Parking is limited, so Carpooling is recomended.

For those of you who asked. Here are links to all of the maps to member's home. If there was a meeting there, you'll find the map listed below in no particular order.

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