Directions to the Bennet Home

Linda and David Bennet host every other meeting in their home.
This is because our blood drive is done at those meetings and
they have a lot of parking for the bloodmobile and attendees.
Here are directions to get you to their house in Southeast Hillsbrough County.

Whether you are coming from Tampa or from the East, Take your favorite road to I-75 and head South.

(Follow the red line on the map)
The exit you will be looking for is called Gibsonton Drive. Exit here and head East. You'll pass Highway 301 and continue for a short distance to another light at Balm-Riverview Drive. Turn right(south). Follow this road for several miles until you get to a flashing red light at Rhodine Road. Turn left (east).
Go east on Rhodine for about a mile or so. Watch on the right side of the road for a street called Greenland. Turn right on Greenland. Follow the red dots on the map at left. Take the first road on the right you come to. It's called Spotswood. The Bennet House is the eighth home on the right.

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