Directions to Dale Shuman's home

1301 Rockwood Dr.
Brandon FL 33510

This meeting will be in Brandon.
Parking is limited, so please consider carpooling.
Park around the house and along the street.
Here are directions to get you there.

Brandon is in Southeast Hillsborough County. Depending on where you are coming from, take I-75 to the Brandon or Martin Luthor King exit OR head East out of Tampa on Adamo Drive which becomes Highway 60. (confused yet? Keep going.)
(Follow the red line on the map) After exiting from 75 go East on Adamo/60/Brandon Blvd (same road, multiple names)OR go East on M.L.K blvd. Both will meet up with a road called Lakewood at a stop light. If you are on Hwy 60, turn North; if you are M.L.K., turn South.
(All together now) Continue on Lakewood until you get to a traffic light at a road called Windhorst. Head West on Windhorst for just a few blocks. Look for the road on your right called Rockwood.
To your left is Williams and to your right is Rockwood. The house is at 1301 Rockwood; right on the corner with Windhorst.

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