Directions to Edward Medard Park
at Turkey Creek, East of Brandon

This meeting is being held in the Edward Madard park
near Turkey Creek, a few miles East of Brandon. It
begins about 1-2 pm, with the business meeting about 4pm.

Head to Brandon by whichever route you would like to take to get there. I-75 has an exit for it at Brandon Blvd (also called Hwy 60). Go East.
You'll travel East for a number of miles, past the Valrico area. As the strip malls thin out and the trees get thicker, you'll know you are getting closer. There will be a stop light at the intersection for Turkey Creek Road. Turn right at it. (South)
The Park is located on the left (East) side of Turkey Creek Road, about 1 mile down. Turn in there. We will be a Pavilion #2, near the bathrooms. (Sorry, but I can't give any more details than this.)

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