Directions to the home of the
former Lovers Lane Gang!*

5902 Thonotosassa Road
Plant City, FL 33565

Warning! March 11th is the last day of the Strawberry Festivel. Traffic on I-4 will be heavy, particularly near the Branch Forbes exit. Here are two sets of directions to avoiding the worst traffic getting to the meeting.
Remember that his is a Blood Donation meeting. Please get there early and help donate.

Coming to the Meeting from the East:
Take I-4 exit #22 at Park Street.
Turn right (north) until the road dead ends at Sam Allen Road.
Turn left (west).

Go west on Sam Allan Road for about 6 miles. At the 4 way stop at Branch Forbes, Sam Allen turns into Thonotosassa Road.

The house is about 1 mile west of Branch Forbles. It's on the right, just past a big Strawberry field.
Look for the black mailbox with 5902.
Turn into the driveway and go back. There is extra parking in the pasture.

Coming to the meeting from the West
Take I-4 exit #14 at Macintosh. You may get some traffic backup before Macintosh, so plan accordingly.
Go North on Macintosh 1 block and turn right behind the RV lot onto Gore Road. This goes east a few blocks and then turns north as it becomes Galagher Road.
Continue north about 1 mile until the 4 way stop at Thonotosassa Road. Turn right (East).
Go about 2 miles, past another 4 way stop.

Look for black mailbox on the left with 5902. If you pass a strawberry field on your left, you've gone too far. Turn into the driveway and continue the house. Extra parking is in the pasture.

Here is a picture of the house from above. You can park near the house and pool, or continue to the back pasture for extra parking. Please do not block the Bloodmobile.

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