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Oct 29-31, 1982
Guests of Honor:
Andrew Offut&
Marv Wolfman

In early 1982, the Stone Hill SF Association hosted a small convention at USF called UniversiCon. It was in conjunction with another club that stiffed us for a guest. We decided to only do our own conventions from then on and we might as well try a 3 day one. Halloween weekend in October was chosen as the time. The name was picked based on two factors. All SF conventions have the name “Con” in the title somehow, and the Halloween connection. So NecronomiCon was born. The hotel we were able to afford was a Best Western on 56th Street near I-275. It’s still there, but under some other name now. This was our only year at that location. The motion to hold the 20th anniversary back there was voted down.

1982 program book. Cover by Mark Jones One of our members was a friend of author Andrew Offett, so we figured we could get him easily. Marvel Comics writer Marv Wolfman was also asked to be a guest based on the help of a local comic book shop, The Fandom Zone. Both were great guest and had a wonderful time at the con. Also of note were Florida artists Kenny Mitchroney and Bob Mcleod. Kenny became a longtime friend of Stone Hill and later worked for Pixar. Bob was a comic book artist on Marvel’s The New Mutants at the time.

Some of the events that took place included a Dr. Who time machine that brought a horde of barbarians from the past. These were the Bronze Dragons Stunt Team that worked at the Renaissance Fair in Largo. They put on a fight show before the Banquet. The Banquet was barbecue outside around the pool. After the Banquet was the costume contest. (Look for a video of it to be running at the 2001 Ice Cream Social)

Records from way back in the dim past suggest that the total number of attendees was only about 170, not counting staff and dealers. An auction of fan memorabilia was held to help raise money. Thanks to the auction, we were able to finish in the black by a mere $100. There was a lot of fund raising activity during the next year in order to get seed money for 1983.

The T-shirt design was a combination of work by Mark Jones, Ann Morris & Terri Crabb. It was made into a silk screen and all of the shirts were hand printed.

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